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Subaru rear drive conversion kit

By | 15.07.2020

Skype : Subarugears. Rear drive conversion kit - everything you need to convert your own donor transmission. Fit our cast nosecone instead of cutting your center differential housing down, TIG welding up and fitting the Subaplug. If fitting to a TY transmission, you will need all the internal mechanism and shift rod from a TY or later transmission. Optimised shortened shift shaft housing very handy for Vanagon installs and optimised shape for maximum clearance.

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Fit your shift shaft, reverse lockout mechanism and oil catcher from your donor transmission. Replace your Syncro transmission with a Subaru transmission. The Syncro transmission has the output for the tailshaft at the lower part of the transmission whereas a standard Subaru has the output for the tailshaft at the upper part. This kit allows you to remove the standard Subaru rear plate and transfer gears, replacing them with this Syncro rear plate, oil seal, output shaft and tailshaft drive flange.

The propshaft is now moved to the lower part of the transmission, clearing the chassis transverse rail. Fitted with our Subanose cast nosecone and Subaglass oil sight glass fitting. Ready to install and includes : clutch fork, VSS, reverse switch, neutral switch, Subaflanges of your choice. Please visit our transmission builders website : www. Please visit Rancho's website : www. Our torque sensing limited slip differential center provides traction to both wheels on slippery surfaces such as gravel, ice, snow, mud and dirty roads.

Using internal helical gears, the differential senses a difference in rotational speed between one side and the other, providing drive to both axles in the event of wheelspin. This differential center is far sturdier than the stock Subaru open differential center. Work with both reversed transaxles and regular rotation transaxles.

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Optional : Add a pair of pop-in Subastub axles to your Subadiff purchase. Older Subaru transaxles TY, early TY use an older style shaft seal and Subaru stub axles without the raised part. Order the TY Subastub axles to fit to your Subadiff if you have the older transmission style.

Connect up your Subaru 'hockey stick' shift rod which is offset 50mm to the right of center with your VW shift rod centered in the car. Press and weld the bung into the VW shift rod. Tighten the grub screw and locking nut onto the Subaru hockey stick and the Subashifter takes care of the angles. Positions your driveline perfectly with the minimum clearance to the torsion bar and to frame horns.

A Kafer brace can be attached to the upper mount holes to aid in supporting the weight and torque of your driveline. For beetle builds with quad cam engines only, use the upper mounting hole to have your driveline at alowered height - use extended Subaflanges and custom shortened axles.

This will require you to also use a Kafer brace on the lower holes to support the weight and torque of your driveline. Use the upper mounting hole to have your twin cam or quad cam engine at the required lowered driveline height - use extended Subaflanges and custom shortened axles. Use the inner and outer L brackets and bolt-in crush tubes to create a solid platform on your chassis rails.

Used in conjunction with the standard Subaru crossmember, this creates the most stable mounting system for your Subaru engine. Install your driveline into the engine bay and drill the four holes to bolt the Subaru crossmember to the L brackets - just like stock Subaru. Engine mount only.

Will also work to mount a Subaru engine with adaptor plate and VW transmission into type 1 pan.By simon l Date Would someone be kind enough to tell me where I can get the parts to convert a Subaru impreza gearbox from awd to fwd and instructions, or a complete box. I have tried Saker but no one will get back to me. By Jeff GS Date It lists another company Bremar Automotion who I gather is the actual manufacturer of the parts?

If you'd like a copt of the file, contact me off line: jgum "at" comcast "dot" net It has some contact info on Bremar. By Ross C Date That is a cool looking conversion to convert the Subaru transaxle all wheel drive to Front wheel drive so it can be used as a mid-engine.

Now we just need to figure out how to flip the ring gear so it can be used in a rear engine buggy. With my bus transmission I will need to shorten the oil pan but with a Subaru transmission the engine would sit up higher. I am thinking because the pinion doesn't run on center, it can't be flipped or would require a custom ring and pinion??

By Mel Adjusted Date Edited Just need to fab the motor an transmission mounts. The outfit I got it from were the cheapest on eBay and gave me everything in a front-end clip without the sheet metal. I'm more than happy and have some extra bucks to spend on goodies to dress it up now. At my age. Everything I buy comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Glad to hear about the conversion Lilgeico! Did you have any trouble ordering your conversion kit? Direct from Bremar - or did you get it from Saker?

Tell us about how you ordered the kit! I wish I could have used the Subaru 5-speed trans in my buggy! I later found out the shorter distance from the bellhousing to output shafts on the Suby trans wasn't going to work in my chassis, pretty much sealing that deal. If I was starting from scratch though, that's definitely the way I'd go. By Mel Adjusted Date I machined the 2 parts from Bremars install instructions and it works like a champ. Easy as a 1 bladed jack-knife. By Todd T Date Hey guys, commenting on an old post here I know, but there has been much interest in getting the Subaru transaxle to work 'flipped' over the years.Skype : Subarugears.

Quad cam Subaru engines feature 2 cams per cylinder head. The belt drive system for these engines is much larger, as are the cylinder head dimensions. This makes them a less simple fit into a beetle with the 5 speed as at standard height, the cam covers interfere with the decklid and rear guards. In order to get around this, Subarugears manufactures extended length Subaflanges.

Using these extended length Subaflanges with shortened drive axles allows the engine and driveline to be mounted lower in the car as the CV joints are now outboard of the framehorns, instead of above them :. Please check our handy calculator on the FAQ page to plot speed vs rpm for your combination before ordering. These are available from Sway-away in the USA or order direct from www.

Use the upper mount holes of the Subamount to lower the driveline using extended Subaflanges. Requirements for mounting a quad cam engine into a beetle Quad cam Subaru engines feature 2 cams per cylinder head.

Using these extended length Subaflanges with shortened drive axles allows the engine and driveline to be mounted lower in the car as the CV joints are now outboard of the framehorns, instead of above them : End result, everything fits under the decklid and rear guards : What you need From Subarugears 1.

Parts pricing includes TNT shipping worldwide. Usually 5 days door to door.

Subamount engine and transmission mount kit From other suppliers 1. Clearancing of pinch weld on frame horns to clear the Subaflange : Completed installation.First off, lets tell you where to find rear disk brakes. Pretty much any turbo Subaru built after will have rear disk brakes. The parts you need from the donor car are the Disk Rotor, Disk Caliper with the flexible break line attached and the backing plate that the caliper mounts to.

First, if the car is on the ground, use the screwdriver and your pliers to straighten out the cotter pin. Then remove the cotter pin from the spindle. Then I take my hammer and gently tap the pliers and the cotter pin should tap right out.

subaru rear drive conversion kit

After you have the cotter pin out, use your 36mm socket with the breaker bar and break the nut loose on the spindle. Do not remove the nut just yet. Then go ahead and break your lug nuts loose. Use your jack to raise the car and support it with your jack stand. Always use a jackstand! After you raise your car, go ahead and remove the tire and then remove the 36mm nut. Make sure you keep the nut, washer and cone-washer as well. Sometimes the cone washer wont want to come loose, use your hammer and gently tap the spindle and the sides of the rotor until the cone-washer pops out of place.

Remove the 3 bolts on the inside of the drum, holding the drum to the trailing arm. You will need to use a 10mm wrench to loosen the metal brake line. Take care not to strip the 10mm nut on the line, or break the line itself, you will be re-using it. Clean as much of the brake dust off of the hub assembly. Remove the drums from trailing arm by rotating it and tapping the backside with a hammer or mallet.

Once its removed it should look like this. All the hardware is the same, bolt the backing plate onto the hub. Once that is done, you will need to install the rotor. You must do this before you install your caliper. Its not necessary to torque the castle nut just yet, just fit the rotor in place. After the rotor is on, you can install the caliper. Bolt the caliper bracket into place, and slide the caliper into its bracket. You might need to bend the metal line out of the way.

Make sure its safe from being pinched or crushed. Repeat the process for the other side. When you install your rotor, make sure to use the cone washer, then the flat washer, and torque your 36mm nut to lbs.

Install the cotter pin, i find nails work just as well. You may want to bleed your brakes afterward, then take the car out for a brief test drive. I bought my first Subaru back init was a 89 Brumby, flair red. Once I sold the Brumby I got a 83 Leone.Some of them are being raced and rallied, some have been converted into mobile homes, and some have been lovingly restored for the concourse show circuit.

This has been a source of frustration for owners of the old VWs, who have been installing more powerful engines or tuning the old ones only to break the old style gearboxes with heartbreaking frequency. An upgraded gearbox seemed to be the answer, but there were few viable options.

subaru rear drive conversion kit

The VW rear engine bay, designed to accommodate a flat-four engine and transaxle, limited choice of replacement. The obvious candidates were Porsche and Subaru. Porsche is the easiest conversion, and works well, but is prohibitively expensive. But the Subaru used a front mounted engine and transaxle, with All Wheel Drive. You have to get rid of the center diff for a start, and even then, if you stuck any powerful engine mated to a modified box from a WRX into the rear of a VW beetle or Kombi, the car might well go like a scalded cat, but backwards.

There was simply no manufacturer building modern gearboxes designed for rear-wheel drive cars, other than Porsche. As with all such conversions though he was constantly breaking gearboxes, and there was no existing box other than the very expensive Porsche strong enough for the purpose.

Hardly anyone made rear wheel drive gearboxes. The need to solve this problem drove him to look more closely at the Subaru AWD transaxle. There was the pinion gear, rotating clockwise, meshed with the crown wheel, which turned counter clockwise. On a rear wheel drive car this would result in the wheels being driven counter clockwise, pulling the car backwards.

There seemed to be no way around this. The modified VW would be pushed forward rather than dragged backwards. Now all Tod needed was an expert Subaru gearbox builder to put the conversion kits together.

Todd first came to us in with his ideas and a proposition to develop and assemble his kits for shipping locally and internationally. All Drive Subaroo had the specialist expertise required for the job, and experience in the logistics of shipping gearboxes and engines around the world. It was an ideal partnership, and we have been working together on the project continuously since then, helping to develop and implement the design, and assemble and freight the products. Tod manufactures the kits in our Peakhurst factory, and we assemble all gearboxes for the Australian market.

The result is a well proven kit that has enjoyed great success here and internationally, particularly in the US market, with sales growing week by week. Whatever your requirements, we can take care of them without delay on 02 If you have your own Subaru gearbox ready for conversion you can buy the reverse drive ring gear and pinion kit ready for installation to your VW or buggy.

These kits are produced exclusively by Subarugears and are made from high quality billet steel. Detailed instructions on how to prepare and modify the donor gearbox for the conversion are available online, as well as a video.

This conversion kit is available for all 5MT gearboxes, and is now available also for the 6-speed cable shift box. These come in 3. The Subaru 5 speed gearbox is a modern, lightweight, compact transaxle used in WRX and Liberty sedans, rated up to kw hp in factory STi form and up to Kw with after-market gears, making them a great choice for high boost motorsport applications as well as everyday motoring.

The reversed crown wheel and pinion ensures long life and silent running as designed. All Limited Slip Differentials work with the Subarugears reversed ring and pinion. Pictured is a box with the reversed ring gear and pinon fitted.Login or Sign Up.

Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 4. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. Tags: rear wheel drivesubaru. Also, learn what JDM means. Comment Post Cancel. There are plenty more japanese cars that are better suited for drifting. Buy Subaru BRZ. Realise it's already RWD. Take out the front CV shafts and lock the center diff.

Pretty sure it's lock the center diff. If you just remove the front CV shafts all the power will go to the front diff, but no wheels will turn. But I go back to what other people have said. Why ruin a Subaru, plus if you shove a massive RSB on them they oversteer quite easily. Mad budget rally car? Check it out here.

You buy a RWD center spool. Thats all you need to do. My WRX sigpic like the car on Facebook. Originally posted by lupin View Post. I would say don't as a personal preference and Marty loves his subarus so I don't think he would Past Jeep Grand Cherokee 4. I hope you like it. Literally fresh off the mastering press 1 hour ago! LOL your engine doesn't run backwards when you put it in reverse. Just saying I've seen it done many time with different methods, results are the same, crap.

Snapped half shalfs, broken gearboxs and diffs and other things. If you want a red Subaru go and get a Nissan. And dccd is excellent I have it in my v4 still ra, got to love nz and there map imports.New customer? Create your account. Lost password? Recover password.

Subaru 2WD Conversion Kit

Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. ABW Motorsports Subaru 4 door conversion kit comes with front bumper, front wings, rear quarter panels to convert 4dr to 2dr which are 30mm wider than stock. Requires the cutting of the original quarter panels to fit. Refunds Once an item is returned, your refund and the way your refund is issued will vary depending on the condition of the item and the overall age of the order. Your refund will be issued minus whatever fees were specified by your customer support representative upon receiving your RMA and return information.

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subaru rear drive conversion kit

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